Novelty Pharma GDD SA is a company located out of Lugano, Switzerland. For over a decade, the company has been focused on developing Galaenical formulas using effervescent technology.


In the past few years Novelty has ventured into unique medical devices and supplements.

In 2011, Novelty pharma received international investment which has ensured continuous growth of the company and addition of new territories, products and Manufacturing facilities.


Our Vision


To be a global leader in effervescent products with Innovative formulations and brands which cater to unique market opportunities and segments.


Our Heritage


Started by Mr. Massimiliano Baratelli, Novelty Pharma GDD SA was initially a Galenical development company. Over the years we have now become specialist in Effervescent products and Innovations which are now marketed by us our partners across 32 different countries. Headquartered out of Lugano, Switzerland we also now have operations and presence in the USA and in India.


 • Mr. Massimiliano Baratelli, who was also the co-founder and president of La Farmaceutica SpA (Est. 1972). The company was one of the key wholesale distributors of pharmaceuticals in Italy


 • A state of the art laboratory was created in Cadempino, Lugano, fully equpped for research in effervescent technology. More than 300 Galenical formulations have been developed in this lab, both pharmaceutical and nutritional products, some of them holding patents.


 • In 2003, Novelty ventured into creation and marketing and has strived to create unique brands for the International markets.


 • In 2011, Majority stake of Novelty was acquired by Fullife Healthcare (


Our Products


Unique Effervescent Formulas in high quality products


• Scientific, Medically backed, Unique Niche/mass segment opportunities


• Novel Generics, Nutritional Supplements and Medical Devices


• Patented, Clinically proven, Globally accredited, Therapy specific products.