A life

without passion

Is a life not lived


Our philosophy guides every stage of our product development.
We believe it is essential to focus our full attention and effort on what we are most passionate about and where we can really stand out.

Novelty Pharma is committed to excellence in health care and wellness so you can live a fulfilling life, full of passion and optimal health.

Vision and Mission

A clear vision and a global mission.

Swiss vision

Our Swiss vision guides every stage of our product design and development at Novelty Pharma, where every formula is conceived with scientific rigor and dedication to quality.
This process embodies the values of precision, reliability and innovation typical of the Swiss pharmaceutical tradition.

Global mission

Our mission is to create products that excel globally.
At Novelty Pharma, we constantly strive to transcend geographic boundaries and offer innovative solutions that improve the health and well-being of people around the world.

With an extensive presence in more than 40 countries, we constantly strive to bring innovation and quality to every corner of the planet.



We are Swiss Medic certified, a distinctive mark that guarantees the highest level of quality and safety in our pharmaceutical products, assuring our customers that we meet the highest Swiss and international standards.

A partner for the production of customized effervescent tabletsA partner for the production of customized effervescent tablets