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We are a global leader in effervescent products with innovative formulations and brands that meet unique opportunities and market sectors.

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A long history of effervescent design.

For over twenty-five years, Novelty Pharma has been leading a relentless path of research and development, driven by a passion for innovation and the pursuit of perfection.
Through the collaboration of industry experts, we have been constantly refining and perfecting our technology, creating unique formulations at the forefront of the pharmaceutical scene.


In our laboratory in Cadempino, we obtained the first Swiss patent for a complex formula containing branched-chain amino acids, resulting in our first flagship brand: Fast & Up.


We introduce UCT Technology (Ultra Compressed Technology), tripling the content of a single active ingredient per effervescent tablet.
Thus was born the Novelty Life line, with innovative therapeutic formulas.

Our know-how led us to the EFFERGIZE concept, enabling us to transform even the most complex and difficult molecules into effervescent products and to use multiple associations of active ingredients.


We have introduced our effervescent technology into the beauty industry, developing innovative formulations with the latest active ingredients.
In addition, we have successfully completed tech-transfer in several countries around the world, including Turkey, Bulgaria and Algeria.


Novelty Pharma expands into the Indian effervescent market, opening an office, development lab, and manufacturing site.
In India, our technology continues to evolve, demonstrating the ability to create and produce stable products even in settings with unfavorable conditions, such as in the IVB zone.


Effervescent technology becomes available with the launch of the Fast & Up brand, the first and comprehensive range of effervescent supplements.
Today, Fast & Up is one of the leading brands in India and distributed in more than 20 countries worldwide.

HET â„¢

We have raised quality standards to new levels.

With Novelty Pharma’s HET technology, we have redefined quality standards.
Our effervescent tablets not only provide even ingredient distribution, solid structure and stable characteristics, but also offer an incomparable sensory experience.
With us, you will enjoy superior therapeutic benefits and extraordinary taste.

Complete granulation

HET technology uses a complete granulation process, ensuring even distribution of key ingredients.

Solid structure

Due to the use of excipients and binders, the tablet produced has a solid structure, giving reliability and consistency to the final product.

Stable features

Ensures that tablet characteristics are stable over time, guaranteeing product quality and effectiveness throughout its life cycle.

High palatability

Our effervescent tablets are designed to provide a pleasant sensory experience with a formulation that ensures a pleasant taste and quick dissolution.


The future of effervescent production is here.

Thanks to its partial granulation and other innovative processes, UNISTACK offers optimal ingredient distribution, faster production times and stable results.
A revolutionary development for those seeking excellence and efficiency in effervescent tablet production.

Partial granulation

A partial granulation of only a few carefully selected excipients.
This approach allows for optimal distribution of ingredients in the tablet, ensuring therapeutic efficacy.

Process optimization

With partial granulation and other innovative processes integrated into Unistack technology, overall optimization of the production process is achieved by reducing costs and production time.

Stable features

Unistack significantly reduces production time compared to traditional methods, increasing production capacity and the ability to meet market demand more quickly and efficiently.


Precision and reliability ensure satisfactory results in terms of final product stability by allowing tablets to maintain their chemical and physical characteristics over time.


Our specialty is large-scale customized production.

A partner for the production of customized effervescent tabletsA partner for the production of customized effervescent tablets