A partner for the production of customized effervescent tablets

We meet your needs for contract manufacturing of effervescent tablets with technological expertise, offering innovative and high-quality products.
With a strong focus on customization, we collaborate closely with companies and individuals to create unique pharmaceutical solutions.


We look to the future with the goal of building lasting partnerships based on mutual trust and outstanding results.

With total transparency in our processes, we offer a clear and open view of your project.
We are here for a long-term partnership, where constant innovation and strict quality control define our mission.

We license our dossiers, developed in-house, to our partners so that they can register and obtain Marketing Authorization for the product in their country, branding it with their logo. In this way, the client becomes the owner of the dossier, while Novelty Pharma acts as the manufacturer or supplier of the finished product. Our regulatory team closely monitors the pre- and post-product approval process.

We develop and create pharmaceutical (EU CTD) and nutraceutical dossiers for product registration, ensuring compliance with European and international regulations.

We are experts in developing oral formulas, focusing on effervescent technology, orodispersible tablets and soluble granules.
Due to our flexibility, we adapt to customers’ specific needs, ensuring maximum product customization and optimization of manufacturing processes.

Ideas, plans, problem solving and solution development are essential elements of a winning relationship that lasts over time, working fruitfully based on mutual clarity and transparency.

We are specialists in the creation of oral formulas, with a focus on effervescent, orodispersible and soluble technology.
Our flexibility allows us to adapt to our customers’ specific needs, ensuring maximum product customization and optimization of production processes.

Through rigorous and careful quality control, we ensure that our products fully meet our customers’ needs and expectations.
This thorough verification process ensures compliance with the highest quality standards, offering our customers maximum reliability and satisfaction.

Based on specific needs, we can manage operations to produce large volumes of products. With our continuous process, we guarantee large-scale production, ensuring maximum efficiency and fast delivery times.

With a keen eye on emerging trends and market needs, we constantly strive to exceed current limits by anticipating customer demands. The Swiss approach to precision and reliability permeates every aspect of our business, ensuring high standards at all stages of the process.

Tailored mode

We create your business in a few simple steps.

Our manufacturing flexibility allows us to adapt to your unique needs, ensuring unrivaled customization.
With our tailored approach, we help you build your business by meeting your specific needs in a few simple steps.



Depending on your specific production needs and business strategies, you have the option of opting between two innovative technologies: HET and UNISTACK.
By choosing between these two cutting-edge technologies, you can tailor the production process to your specific needs and achieve optimal results in terms of quality, time and cost.



Two format options are available to suit commercial needs: tube and strip.
Regardless of the choice, both formats provide safe and convenient packaging for pharmaceuticals, ensuring maximum quality and convenience for the end customer.



From dosage to ingredients, shape to size, the customer has complete control over the production process, ensuring that the products fully meet their needs and preferences.



Thanks to our technology, you can choose from a wide range of flavor options, from fresh fruits to exotic spices, ensuring a unique and satisfying sensory experience with each tablet.



Thanks to our state-of-the-art production facilities, you will have the ability to choose the quantity of tablets you want.
Whether you need a small batch to test the market or a large quantity to meet growing demand, we are ready to customize your order to suit your needs.



If your business needs a boost, we offer comprehensive marketing support with digital and retail strategies, and pre- and post-launch product support.
With our in-house team of graphic and web designers, we customize services for the creation of high-quality packaging and marketing materials at the client’s request.

Order process

From concept to delivery: your order, our priority.

We are here to simplify the journey, offering you an intuitive and fast ordering system.
Our dedicated team carefully follows each order, ensuring accuracy and on-time delivery.


Begin the process by consulting with our experts to find the ideal formulation for your pharmaceutical needs.


Customize the quantity and other key details to tailor production to your specific requirements.


Place your order through our intuitive system.
Complete your payment safely and securely.


Stay informed about the status of your order with real-time notifications.

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A partner for the production of customized effervescent tabletsA partner for the production of customized effervescent tablets